Promotional Terms & Conditions (Unless otherwise specified)

If you buy an eligible product from NZ Gaming, or as an online guest-user and you qualify for the promotion. You will have to either enter a coupon code or meet the stated entry requirement. If it is an automated promotional coupon, you will be automatically entered into any draw. (As long as you have met qualification criteria for that specific promotion).

All prize draws are in the first week of the month following the promotion. Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email. Any shipping will be organised after that time.

Monthly promotions run from 8.30 am the first day of the calendar month until 5 pm on the last day of the calendar month unless otherwise specified.

NZ Gaming will send the prize to the shipping address and accepts no responsibility for claiming or allocation of prizes at the customer end.

Where the prize winner is an individual and not a company account customer the prize will be sent directly to the person who entered.

NZ Gaming reserves the right to use the prize winners’ names and photographs for publicity purposes.

Employees of NZ Gaming, their immediate families and any associated suppliers are ineligible to enter any prize draw.

If NZ Gaming makes an error in the promotion or prize it reserves the right to correct the error without any liability.

*Other promotional specific terms & conditions may apply.