Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing® lead the market with world-class award-winning, quality, and innovative products. As well as strong partnerships with global gaming brands, Next Level Racing® are also an official licensee of PlayStation® and official global sales partner with Thrustmasters®. Next Level Racing® products are sold in over 40 countries around the world.  NLR100BK.png



Elite Series

After three years of research and development, Next Level Racing® is incredibly proud to release the new flagship Elite Series product range.

Built with the best quality. engineering, features, and functionality, the F-GT Elite Cockpit is for serious sim racer.

The new collaboration with iRacing® to introduce a co-branded cockpit is an exciting partnership as it is the first time the simulation software leader has associated their brand with a cockpit.

The complete Next Level Racing® Elite series ecosystem allows the user to upgrade and optimize their solution to suit their sim racing needs.


Racing Cockpits

Professionally designed cockpits made with feedback from professional racers and some of the world's fastest E-Sports racers. Ranging from the affordable Lite Series up to the feature rich Elite Series, there is a cockpit for every racer. Let's not forget the GT-Track, one of the most popular and feature rich Racing Cockpits available.


Racing Stands

Turn your couch into a cockpit, designed to bring racing into your home, with some of the stands having the ability to quickly fold down to save space. Made with the same durability and rigidity that is put into the premium cockpits. Perfect for entry level racing or space limited environments.


Flight Accessories

Convert your GT-Track or F-GT cockpit from racing into a flight sim cockpit with these addons. Or if your space is limited then the Flight Stand is for you!


Motion Platforms

Add the ultimate immersion with a motion platform addon. Market leading design, quality and engineering, Next Level Racing's motion platforms put you on the racetrack or flight tarmac with ultra-realism.



There are several quality addons available to further expand your racing/ flying experience. From single/triple/quadruple monitor stands to addon seats, to a floor mat, and more.