There is no linear way to guide you to purchasing the right mouse. Everyone is different and we all have unique needs, so instead this guide with inform you on some of the lingo and give you a better understanding of all the components that go into a great mouse and help you make the right choice for you.

Optical SensorSensor.png

Modern Mice use an optical sensor that shines a LED light on the surface under the mouse and uses a tiny camera that captures 1000+ images per second. The mouse then compares these images to discover which direction the mouse is moving and how far it has moved.


DPI (Dots per Inch)

DPI is a measurement of the mouses movement, the higher the DPI number the more reactive the mouse is to smaller movements. Basically, the higher the DPI the faster your cursor will move on your screen.


Choosing the right DPI is all about comfort, going for the highest number is not always best, as it can cause your cursor to fly out of control too often. However certain games like first person shooters let you gain advantage with higher DPI allowing you to turn faster with less mouse movement.

Top gaming mice even have a dedicated button to let you change your DPI on the fly to keep you ahead of your competitors. The rest have the ability to switch DPI in the mouses software. All DPI numbers listed on our site are the Maximum the mouse can reach.


DPI ≠ Sensitivity. Mouse Sensitivity is software based and a Mouses DPI is hardware based. Players often mix low Sensitivity with high DPI to stop the cursor flying out of control but still give smooth movement.

Wired vs Wireless

In the past, to prevent input lag, where there was a delay between moving your mouse and seeing the movement on screen, wired mice were always recommended. 

However wireless technology has come a very long way recently and has put wireless mice on par with wired.


There are still advantages to wired mouse however, namely batteries. Wired mice don't need to be charged and can be lighter without that battery weight. But batteries have also seen a massive advancement and are now lighter and last much longer than the old AA days. Wireless gaming mice will come with a cord you can quickly plug in and keep playing if you get caught out.

Cables have also been improved, most are no longer thick plastic-coated wires that snagged on the edge of your desk and were too short to reach the back of your PC. Now they are super light, usually protected by a soft braded coating and more than long enough to reach almost anywhere.


So the choice will come down to your set up and preference. 

Types of Games

Basically any mouse can work in any game, however there are mice made by some brands that specialise in specific game types to help you extract more from your gameplay experience


In most MOBA's and MMO's more buttons at your fingertips = better. Our range of MOBA/MMO mice gives you a fitting selection to choose from.


While not requiring as many buttons as a MOBA or MMO you will still have an advantage to having a few extra buttons at your fingertips for a quick knife, gun swap or jump button. Take a look at our range of mice with first person shooters in mind. 

Size and Shape

This is another area that really comes down to personal preference. The way we grip the mouse and how it feels in our hands is different for everyone, some people like their mice large and heavy, others medium and superlight, Some like the standard shape, others like the contoured shapes with a resting place for their thumbs. We have listed mouse dimensions where available to us. 

Other Considerations

There are some other features that may help you decide on the right mouse, like interchangeable grips, RGB Lighting or Tuneable weight.