Owl-Eye is an optical sensor from PixArt, modified to the high and exacting standards of ROCCAT®. Taking its inspiration from the natural world, it boasts a real and responsive feeling that’s instantly recognizable. What you recognize is a lethal sensor that simply feels more alive, translating your mouse movements on screen with unrelenting accuracy and consistency. Owl-Eye provides you with a level of control that feels natural and innate, bridging the gap between you and your game.


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Inspired by Nature, Engineered by Roccat®

As apex predators, owls are feared by their prey. What makes them so deadly is their legendary eyesight, which is what inspired ROCCAT® when working on the Owl-Eye sensor. Their vision is characterized by the stunning ability to rapidly analyze and process its surroundings with lethal efficiency. Owl-Eye mirrors this relentless precision, providing gamers with what feels like a natural extension of their body, for a unique, real-feeling experience that’s as intuitive as it is effective.

The Owl-Eye Feeling

We developed the world-beating Owl-Eye by modifying PixArt’s leading optical sensor to our needs, to provide a new level of optimization and synergy for our mice. What’s special about Owl-Eye is the feeling. It translates your mouse movements on screen with 1:1 accuracy. That makes it as responsive as it is consistent, for unrelenting pointer precision.The sensor can be configured in terms of its dpi, adjustable in 100-dpi steps. from 100 to 12000, although we recommend a golden range of 400 – 3000dpi.

Owl-Eye Precision and DPI

9/10 professional gamers choose a dpi under 2000 due to the undesirable smoothing that occurs at dpis above that – in every sensor. Our own ROCCAT® pros do the same. When developing Owl-Eye, we focused on accuracy and responsiveness within the golden range of 400 – 3000dpi, and we guarantee the highest possible precision within that range. Of course, big-resolution couch gamers and flick shot lovers can rest assured that Owl-Eye also performs great with dpis up to 12000, and its lift-off distance can be configured in Swarm thanks to the ROCCAT®-pioneered Distance Control Unit (DCU).