In the past, RGB lighting has suffered from limited functionality, variety and connectedness; blinking, flashing, distracting lighting that differs little between when a player is idle or gaming.
AIMO reaches beyond this – it is intelligent, organic, and evolving. What Roccat call Living Light.

AIMO-enhanced gaming peripherals are built around a learning lighting experience, adapting to your play the more you use them, and becoming more dynamic and nuanced as AIMO products combine. AIMO compliments the owner’s needs intuitively, dazzling when desired and taking a backseat when gamers do what they do best. Game.

Roccat started the RGB revolution, now they’re making history again. This is the new generation of RGB, and it starts now.


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Living Light

RGB lighting often suffers from limited functionality or predictable, boring effects. ROCCAT® AIMO delivers more. It’s a connected, organic lighting experience.

Adapting To Your Play

AIMO compatible gaming peripherals take advantage of our lighting engine, adapting to your play the more you use them and evolving over time.

Connected AIMO Ecosystem

As you add more AIMO products to your set-up, the lighting effects will connect and combine, creating a seamless lighting experience across devices.