ROCCAT Stellar Wireless technology means exceptional speed and signal strength combined with long-lasting battery life. Enjoy the freedom of wireless with high speed, latency-free connectivity that’s even more reliable than wired.


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Lightning-Fast Speed

Amongst the fastest wireless gaming technologies on the market, featuring premium hardware components and optimized firmware. Response time is noticeably quick thanks to an extremely low latency. Once you go ROCCAT Stellar Wireless, there’s no going back.

USB-C Rapid Charge

Long-life batteries are good for 24 hours of continuous use off a single charge. That gives the average gamer over a week of play time. When it comes time to reload, USB-C rapid charge gets you to full again quickly. More time gaming, less time charging.

Exceptional Signal Strength

2.4GHz transmitter frequency response ensures data transmission is as reliable as – and in most cases better than – wired. Information sent from device to PC is 100% lag-free thanks to optimized data transfer technology. Experience the freedom of wireless with the dependability of wired.

Wireless Freedom

ROCCAT Stellar Wireless technology opens up the freedom to play without restrictions. Gaming without a cable means less weight, less fatigue and gives you the ability to execute larger and faster flicks more accurately.