The Titan Switch was designed and built entirely by ROCCAT engineers. Developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches, but demand more in terms of precision, performance, and lighting. The Titan switch innovates on a design that had remained unchanged for years. Focusing on the elements that matter most to gamers – feel, speed and reliability.


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Tactile Brown

The tactile switch provides a gentle bump in the middle of the travel. This instant feedback is ideal for competitive gaming.

1.8mm actuation point
3.6mm total travel distance
45gf average force
Tested to 50M keystrokes

Linear Red

The linear switch has a smooth and rapid actuation. Just straight up and down. Perfect for games that demand rapid keypresses, like MMO’s.

1.4mm actuation point
3.6mm total travel distance
45gf average force
Tested to 50M keystrokes

Debounced Mechanics

Contact bouncing can be a problem with mechanical switches. With each key stroke, the switch will bounce or ‘chatter’ on the electrical contact. This can result in a single key stroke being recognized as multiple, or even not being recognized at all.

The ROCCAT Titan Switch solves this problem by utilizing high quality components and precision engineering, reducing the physical bounce of the switch to an absolute minimum. This allows our firmware to reliably read the key stroke signal at a much earlier point after actuation, making the Titan Switch 20% faster than its competitors – and a whopping 30% faster in the case of the Linear switch.

Press your key at the exact same time as your opponent? The Titan Switch registers first, it’s as simple as that.

The Best Feeling Keystroke

Roccat Tactile switches are optimized for exceptional crispness and responsiveness. For the Linear switch, the boundaries of performance were pushed to their limit while retaining an incredibly smooth and consistent feel.

Roccat engineers also developed a special housing, reinforcing the switch and making it much sturdier. It gives the keys a solid feel and eliminates wobble, even when keys are pressed aggressively or bottomed out.

Together, these features create a truly exceptional feeling key stroke.