Thrustmaster have officially licenced Gran Turismo® and PlayStation® wheels, designed to bring you as close to the real thing as possible.


GT Sport released in 2017 for PlayStation® 4 is a simulation racing game focused mainly on online competitive racing officially supported by the FIA. GT Sport has 324 cars and 82 track configurations.



GT 7 release in 2022 for both PlayStation® 4 & 5 is a simulation racing game that brings the series back to the single player focus. GT 7 has 424 cars and 63 track configurations.

T-GT II.png
Refined and perfected thanks to more than 23,000 hours of intense Research and Development work, T-GT II has been designed to take the amazing Force Feedback performance of its predecessor (the T-GT) to even greater new heights. With T-GT II, gamers on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC can enjoy brand-new levels of precision and durability.
Officially licensed for both PlayStation 5 and Gran Turismo, the T-GT II racing wheel provides key advantages and lifelike sensations in GT Sport thanks to groundbreaking technologies including T-LIN, T-DCC, and especially T-DFB (3D perception of Force Feedback effects).


The Thrustmaster T300RS Force Feedback racing wheel lets gamers truly immerse themselves in the world of car racing and hone their skills to improve their performance.